About The Project

As you may be aware, a planning application for the Soham Eastern Gateway was previously submitted by Cambridgeshire County Council in June 2017 and subsequently withdrawn in November 2017. This Land™ has been working on developing the Eastern Gateway area and consulting with the local community since February 2018.

Soham Eastern Gateway is located to the east of Weatheralls Primary School, between the town and the A142 bypass, and between Qua Fen Common and East Fen Common. The area has been identified as an area for development in the 2010 Soham Vision and in the 2015 East Cambridgeshire Local Plan.

The planning application will include the majority of the development area, you can see the detailed map of the site allocation and planning application boundary (the area allowed for development according to Council policy) and planning application boundary below (the area that This Land™ is proposing for development).

The development will provide a number of new dwellings, including affordable housing, commercial spaces, a nursery, and open, green and play spaces for all Soham residents.

This artist impression and computer-generated video (3D) is for illustrative purposes only. It is provided in good faith and represents the proposed landscape with the information available at the current time. However, changes to the design are likely to happen at the time of completion.

About The Project Team

This Land™ | Developer

This Land™ is a development business established with the aim of offering a new, much more customer and community-focused approach to development than the traditional UK housebuilder model. The company’s ethos is to work with communities and stakeholders to create high quality, attractive neighbourhoods that are designed to complement the local environment and bring tangible benefits to the existing communities that will host them.

This Land

Carter Jonas | Planning consultant

Carter Jonas is a multi-disciplinary national property consultancy, with a key hub office based in Cambridge. It is providing planning consultancy advice on the Soham Eastern Gateway project. Carter Jonas is bringing extensive experience in the preparation of complex major planning applications in Cambridgeshire.

Carter Jonas

Public Consultation

Consultation Process

With the aim to develop a masterplan that has local value, This Land™ have asked Soundings, an independent community engagement agency, to lead an open and transparent consultation process, facilitate dialogue with the local community, and ensure that the plans and designs are informed by local feedback.

The feedback during the consultation events has been shared with the project team and the architects and has informed our plans and designs. We will continue to consult on the proposals until the planning application submission, and there will be continued opportunities for Soham residents to take part in the consultation before the plans are finalised. Once the plans are finalised and an application is submitted to East Cambridgeshire Council, a statutory Council-led consultation will take place.

You can see all the consultation materials and reports to date under Documents.


Get Involved

  • First Public Exhibition July 2018

  • First Public Exhibition July 2018

  • First Public Exhibition July 2018

  • Walk and Talk March 2018

  • Walk and Talk March 2018

  • Open & Green Spaces Workshop April 2018

  • Open & Green Spaces Workshop April 2018

  • Open & Green Spaces Workshop April 2018

  • Open & Green Spaces Workshop April 2018

  • Open & Green Spaces Workshop April 2018

  • Open & Green Spaces Workshop April 2018

  • Open & Green Spaces Workshop April 2018

  • Pop-up February 2018

  • Pop-up February 2018


In this section, we will provide a record of all consultation documents used through the engagement and consultation process, and all reports with findings from the consultations. This resource will continue to grow as the consultation progresses.

Please click on the links on the right to download the files.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to the most frequently asked questions, based on our conversations with Soham residents to date. If there is any information that you would like to see here that is missing, please contact us using the contact details below.

      • This Land™ is a development business established with the aim of offering a new, much more customer and community-focused approach to development than the traditional UK housebuilder model. The company wants to work with communities to create high-quality, attractive neighbourhoods that are designed to bring tangible benefits to the existing communities that will host them.

        Place-making is central to This Land™’s ethos, driving the development of desirable, well-integrated new neighbourhoods focusing on innovation and a customer-led approach to design, innovations, use of materials and facilities.
      • The Soham Eastern Gateway site has been allocated for development within the Soham Vision Plan 2010 and in the East Cambridgeshire Local Plan 2015, which means that it is allocated to be developed for housing in due course. There is both a national and regional shortfall in housing delivery that has lasted for many years. This means that all local councils are required by the government to allocate land for residential development.

        East Cambridgeshire District has a shortfall in its 5-year housing supply, and as a result there is a pressing need for sites allocated for housing, such as Soham Eastern Gateway, to be brought forward for development.

        This Land™’s planning application for Soham Eastern Gateway will cover the majority of the land within the site allocation.

        This Land™’s aim is to design and deliver an attractive new neighbourhood for Soham that complements the existing town and will immediately become an integral part of the local community.
      • The majority of the Soham Eastern Gateway site included in the current planning application has now been acquired from the Cambridgeshire County Council with additional land purchased from a neighbouring landowner. Conversations with the Bishop Laney Charity about the inclusion of additional land are ongoing.
      • No, This Land™ was not involved with the site at that stage. The previous application was submitted by Cambridgeshire County Council on behalf of all the previous land owners jointly.
      • Soham Eastern Gateway is being designed with excellent pedestrian and cycle connections to the town centre, with the High Street approximately 5 to 10 minutes walk from the heart of the site. We want it to be recognised as a pleasant place to live and as a destination for existing residents of the town to enjoy. The development is being designed to deliver enhanced landscaping and new green spaces, seating areas, walking and cycling paths alongside new water features, play areas, a shop and possibly a café.
      • The sites’ allocation in the Soham Vision Plan and Local Plan allows for up to 600 homes.

        The proportion of affordable homes will be determined by East Cambridgeshire District Council in consideration of local policy and viability. It is likely that the affordable homes will be managed by a local housing association or an organisation such as the Community Land Trust, with the intention that priority will be given to potential residents with a local connection.
      • The proposed development provides 6.44 hectares of land for formal and informal open green spaces both within and on the edge of residential areas and a linear park through the centre of the site. Areas of green space will be easily accessible by both new and existing residents.
      • These green spaces will be marked out as soon as planning consent is achieved.
      • The new school will be built within the Local Plan’s site allocation, however, it is not part of the Soham Eastern Gateway development, nor is This Land™ involved in the actual development of this new facility.

        Although This Land™ have played a part in facilitating the development of the new school, the school is not included in This Land™’s planning application for Soham Eastern Gateway. We are however ensuring that the access to the new school is properly designed into our scheme for the ease and safety of those children and staff that will use it.
      • The Department of Education has exchanged contracts for the land adjacent to the Eastern Gateway development, with the intention of opening a new secondary school for Soham and the surrounding communities.

        St Bede’s Inter Church Academy Trust has been approved by the Department of Education to run this free school. The trust currently runs a secondary school in Cambridge (rated Outstanding by Ofsted).

        The proposed free school would have a Christian faith designation and provide 600 co-educational places for 11-16 year olds.
      •  In addition to the new roundabout on the A142, the proposed application considers a secondary access route allowing vehicular connectivity between the development and the town centre, together with additional parking for local residents from Brewhouse Lane.
      • Parking will be provided for the benefit of the new residents to the East of Brewhouse Lane but within the development, with further parking allocated within the proximity of Kent’s Lane providing direct pedestrian access to the Weatheralls Primary school.
      • The development will provide new affordable homes for local residents, employment opportunities, and facilitates the building of a new (Ofsted “Outstanding”) School. It will also provide new, and enhance existing, green spaces, will add new planting and trees to enhance the local biodiversity, and create new water-side public spaces, integrating the water on the site into the designs. In addition, highways safety improvements are proposed at the A142/Paddock Street junction with additional improvements being considered, and significant financial contributions will also be made to other education requirements and libraries.
      • Yes. This Land™ will commit to making a financial contribution to community requirements, such as primary and secondary education provision, libraries, nurseries, play and sporting facilities etc. Contributions will be provided via both Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and Section 106 funding, or S106. The level of funding will be negotiated with East Cambridgeshire District council according to its policy guidelines.
      • There will be provision in the plans for a new shop and we are also looking at the possibility of including a café. With its pedestrian connectivity and physical closeness to the High Street, the Soham Eastern Gateway project will make a significant contribution to vitality and economic viability of the town centre, its shops and services, by increasing footfall and customers.
      • The current Soham Eastern Gateway development project learned a great deal from the feedback that the County Council received from its consultation process for its earlier proposals for the site in 2017. This Land™ has been consulting with the community on the current proposals since February 2018, through a series of street pop-up events, two ‘walk and talk’ consultations, two open spaces workshops, an open residents’ forum, questionnaires, online survey and a public exhibition. We have learned a lot from the local community and have responded to many of the comments and questions – both through the masterplan design as well as through related actions. For example, we have investigated the foul drainage situation and looked into the possibilities to improve this, which will be discussed with Anglian Water before the planning application is finalised.

        We have also had many helpful suggestions with regards to our approach to landscaping and open spaces, which has helped hugely in developing the masterplan options that we are considering.

        The outcome of these issues and the other aspects of the proposals are regularly being reported back to the community through public exhibitions and other communication channels.
      • A ‘hybrid’ planning application means that in the same planning application, This Land™ will submit an outline application for the entire site, and a detailed application for phase 1. An outline application defines the general parameters such as the access arrangements, number of dwellings, and any other uses (e.g. retail), while the detailed application includes such things as house and road designs, landscaping and technical aspects such as drainage strategies.
      • This Land™ will only be able to start work on phase one for which a detailed planning application will be submitted.
      • Assuming that a planning consent is achieved, the first element of works that needs to be undertaken will be the construction of the site access – the new roundabout on the A142.
      • A Traffic Management Plan will be agreed with Cambridgeshire County Council highways in advance of works beginning. There will be no road connection between the site and the surrounding town during the initial construction phase, so all construction traffic will enter and leave the site via the A142, resulting in minimal impact on the town centre.
      • The initial works will entail construction of the new roundabout on the A142 and the access to the site. The residential area connecting the central hub to Brewhouse Lane will follow based on a phasing plan to be agreed with the local authority.
      • Hours of work will be restricted on site, and traffic management plans implemented. All construction traffic will be directed via the A142, and no construction traffic will be allowed through the Brewhouse Lane link road (we also intend to implement a permanent weight restriction on the Brewhouse Lane link to prohibit HGVs from using that road).

        Schemes to minimise dust and noise pollution will be agreed with the contractors on site, and our teams will ensure enforcement thereof.

        The site will be bounded by both the gardens of the new homes, as well as current neighbouring housing, provide a natural buffer from the works. This Land™ will take care of any the construction works sensitively, taking steps to ensure that members of the local community (especially close neighbours) and local representatives are kept informed of the programme details and milestones and the mitigation measures that are put in place.

        We will also ensure that local residents are provided with dedicated contact details and means to get in touch to ask questions or express any concerns they may have.